Oscar tiye is an italian high end shoe brand, founded by Amina Muaddi in 2013 in Milan. 

The decision to build the label comes from the desire to create the perfect shoe. Dictated by purism, the Oscar Tiye collection is born out of the essence of the primary desire of every woman: to have on their feet a shoe capable of expressing elegance and strength in a perfect balance.


The brand has already been taking Hollwood by storm – stars like Zoe Saldana, Eva Longoria, Hailee Steinfeld, Heidi Klum and
Britney Spears have stepped out in them and they are perfect streetstyle star fodder with fashion icons like Giovanna Battaglia and Aimée Song
strolling around during fashion week in their Oscars.


The stylized logo represents a scarab – a sacred symbol belonging to the arab world, a lucky charm and bearer of happy events. Transposed into the world of art and fashion it becomes a precious jewel, like the one given by the Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt, Amenhotep III to Queen Tiye as a wedding gift. The exquisite scarab, used in its metal version on each sole is a piece of jewelry that hugs the sole with its protective wings. 

A strong signature of the brand is represented by the inside of the shoes. Apart from the signature magenta colored lining and insole, all Oscar Tiye shoes have a special padded cushion insole that gives extra comfort to the beautiful products.


Oscar Tiye shoes are entirely made in Italy, in the prestigious Riviera del Brenta area, where tradition in craftsmanship and dedication to excellence ensure the exceptional quality of the products. 

Only the finest leathers and fabrics are used with creativity and hand made with artistry by the most remarkable artisans.